District Plan process (PDP) to benefit the business community

With the Council expected to make a decision on the independent review of the Kapiti Coast Proposed District Plan Review and Recommendations on 24 July, the Chamber has made their standpoint clear:

“The business community is looking for simplicity, clarity and certainty around the PDP process,” says Liz Koh, Chair of the Kapiti Coast Chamber of Commerce. “We are hopeful that Council will take on board the strong support within the business community for option four as recommended in the independent review”.

The strong support follows from a recent member survey that showed overwhelming support to “keep going with the Proposed District Plan process, but modify it so the process efficiently addresses the plan as a whole.” “There has been a perception that the planning process in the past has been overly complex and rigid, and that changes in processes will result in more engagement with the business community”, says Koh.

Of the 48 responses received (18% of those surveyed), only 6% voted in favour of continuing the PDP process as set out on the Council website (Option 1 of the independent review), there were no votes for withdrawing the PDP and doing nothing (Option 2), 19% voted for withdrawing the PDP and recommencing the review (Option 3), around 69% supported continuing the PDP process with modifications (Option 4) and 4% were happy to accept the majority vote.

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