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The Kāpiti Chamber Board has developed new avenues for members to promote their business to others.

Member 2 Member monthly offer

If you have something special coming up that you wish to only advertise to members – here is the place to do just that.

Via email through the KCC database once a month, members can email a special offer to other members. Members only need to provide the KCC a word document with logo – approx an A4 page in size stating the offer to members.

The cost for this service is $150 + GST 

Mobile Responsive Banner Web Advertising

To advertise your mobile responsive banner ad it will cost $350 + GST for six months or $685 + GST for 12 months.  Ads must be formatted as a JPG, GIF or PNG file and be 150 pix wide and 300 pix high. The Chamber will invoice the cost of banner advertising.

Banner advertising features on the Home page, Join page, Members Directory and the Business Directory.  Your ad will be hyperlinked to your business which includes Google Analytics reporting on clicks and views.

Kāpiti Business News Banner Advertising

To advertise in Kapiti Business News, it will cost $420 + GST for 12 months or $40 + GST per month for casual advertising. Ads must be formatted as JPG, GIF or PNG files and be 150 pix wide x 300 pix high. Kapiti Business News is published every month except January.

Duo Ad Package on Web & in Kapiti Business News

To advertise your mobile responsive banner ad on the web site and in Kapiti Business News on an annual basis it will cost $995 + GST.

To advertise your mobile responsive banner ad on the web site and in Kapiti Business News for six months it will cost $590 + GST.

Contact Joanna Piatek for all advertising opportunities including web promotion of member to member discounts

Mobile 021 0222 8187
Email [email protected]

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