The Chamber of Commerce logo is a great way for businesses and individuals who are members to show they belong to the Chamber, and instantly identify them as supporters of local business!

Chamber members can use the logo in any medium to identify themselves as a member (although it should not be used in any way where it could be mistaken for an individual business’s commercial logo.)

Step 1: Qualifying criteria

The logo can be used when there is at least one current fully paid member of the Kāpiti Chamber of Commerce associated with the business as either Proprietor, Director, Shareholder or Manager.

Step 2: Notify the Chamber

Notify us that you intend to use the logo and provide details of how it is to be used.

Step 3: Guidelines for use

Consistency is best!

The Chamber logo may be displayed in any of the following locations:

  • On your web site
  • In email and other correspondence
  • In advertising and other marketing material
  • In locations of visibility to the public, for example; your business reception area

Please note: The logo must not be used in any way that gives the impression that any communication from you is from the Chamber itself, or that suggests the content of the communication is sanctioned by, or is the official opinion of, the Chamber of Commerce. If you are unsure as to the proper use of the logo, please seek clarification from the Kapiti Chamber of Commerce.

If the logo is displayed on your web site, you should also backlink it to the Chamber website.

Step 4: Download the artwork

The master artwork is available to download in JPEG electronic file format. By downloading, you agree to the above terms & conditions.

Member Chamber Logo
 Download Kāpiti Coast Chamber Logo