Minutes – Annual General Meeting 2013

Wednesday 16 October 2013, 5.40pm–6.10pm, Mega Cafe


Mark Ternent (Chair), Jane Stevenson (Deputy Chair), Sheryl Earnshaw (Secretary), Ian Fenwick (Treasurer), Ann Verboeket, Barry Clevely, Corran Crispe, Des Morgan, Geethal Fernando, Helene Judge, Iride McCloy, Jane Woodhall, Hamish Gordon, John Yeoman, Julie Wintle, Keith Wood, Laurie Smaling, Kevin cFadgen, Liz Koh, Lyn Barrow, Margaret Millar, Mark Brosnahan, Ritchie Goodhall, Richard Mansell, Ross Leggett, Sally Kennedy-Clark, Sarah McMurray, Simon Arnold, Reiner Wenzel, Stuart Pritchard, Tim Berre, Vince Indo, Wendy Huston.

1. Apologies

Stewart and Tricia MacPherson, Julia Palmer, Nathan Guy, Heather Hutchings, Rob Klaassen, Tony Shalders, Ron Wilkinson.
(Vince Indo / Iride McCloy) – Carried.

2. Minutes of last meeting

Moved that the Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on 31 October 2012 be adopted.
(Jane Stephenson / Stuart Pritchard) – Carried.

Matters Arising
Matters arising completed.

3. Chair’s Report

Mark Ternent presented the 2012 / 2013 Annual Report of the Kapiti Coast Chamber of Commerce. This report is attached and was moved that the Chair’s Report be accepted.
(Wendy Huston / Laurie Smaling) – Carried.

Wendy Houston addressed the meeting to acknowledge the Chair’s contribution, and to recognise what he has achieved in his position of Chair and as a member of the Chamber.
(Wendy Huston / Jane Stevenson) – Carried.

4. Financial Report

Ian Fenwick, Treasurer presented the Annual Report and the financial statements be accepted as presented with the continued support from JL Accounting Services as the honorary accountant for the ensuring year. It was suggested that a note is made to Revenue Received / Subscription Income to show that two lots of subs fell into the 2012 financial year and should be shown as income in advance for that year.
(Iride McCloy / Corrin Crispe) – Carried.

5. Election of the Following Office Holders

Nominations to the following positions had been received and accepted.

Chair: Liz Koh (Proposer, Vince Indo, Seconder, Wendy Huston)

Deputy Chair: Jane Stephenson (Proposer, Wendy Huston, Seconder, Mark Ternent)

Treasurer: Ian Fenwick (Proposer, Mark Ternent, Seconder, Ross Leggett)Secretary: Sheryl Earnshaw (Proposer, Wendy Huston, Seconder, Mark Ternent)

Four people elected to the four positions.
(Lyn Barrow/Corran Crispe) – Carried.

6. Resolutions so Received

No resolutions received.

7. General Business

Liz Koh addressed the members and acknowledged that the fantastic job Mark had done as outgoing Chair was the catalyst to putting herself forward as the incoming Chairperson.

Vince Indo thanked the team who had given their time in identifying and working with possible candidates for the position of Chairperson.

Meeting closed at 6.10pm.