New Zealand, Tuesday 20 June – The spotlight is on small business security, with the Government recently announcing a new $1.8 million fund to help shopkeepers fight aggravated robberies.

It is aimed at high-risk, family-owned and independent businesses, and can be used for panic and high-volume interior alarms, DNA spray, fog cannons and time safes for cash and storage of cigarettes, safety advice is also on offer.

The Government has estimated between 500-600 businesses are considered high-risk and eligible for funding, and that around 3,500 businesses will be able to access safety advice.

Chris Barber, from Electra owned Securely, says the new funding is recognition of a major problem small and medium sized businesses face each day.

“Many business owners work long hours, often on their own, putting themselves and their livelihood at risk. With this additional support, now is the perfect time businesses to take a closer look at their security arrangements.

“What we know as the standard ‘burglar alarm’ is just the first line of defence available today. As technology evolves, security systems have become smarter and more responsive. Now, we can fully integrate video into security monitoring which means a business will have a full interactive alarm and camera system, looked after by our professional monitoring and communications centre in Levin. People can also wear a panic alarm so they alert the need the help instantly.

“This means if a dairy was to be robbed, and a camera system was in place, a security operator would be able to get an immediate real-time view on what’s happening, alert Police and provide up to the minute information to emergency services – giving small and family-owned business assurance they aren’t alone, and are covered 24/7.

“Using this integrated tech, if an alarm goes off overnight, we can tell you why straight-away, meaning Police can get there quickly if needed, or if it’s a false alarm customers save money on unneeded call-outs.

“We think this additional support and recognition from the Government is a great step forward for small and medium sized businesses, especially as security technology has evolved to be more flexible and responsive” says Chris Barber. 

The Government has said Police will identify high-risk businesses that meet the criteria for obtaining funding, who will then be invited to apply to the fund if they need financial assistance to install new security measures.  Police will fund up to 50 per cent of the cost of the security measures and in some exceptional circumstances, they may pay a larger share. 

Securely is owned by Electra Ltd, one of New Zealand’s largest electricity distribution companies, with more than 50 years’ experience in monitoring electricity, water and gas network consumption. By applying its accumulated experience of monitoring critical, and often life critical, utility supply Securely provides a robust monitoring service that is built on leading edge technology and attentive service. 

For more information please contact: 

Jacinda Thorn | Delaney & Thorn Public Relations | 027 3970616

Chris Barber | National Business Development Manager, Securely | 021 2221038