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Tech Expo Kapiti 2015 was a digital enablement event to support growth for SME business and enhance consumer awareness of digital technologies to support living in a technologically advanced world.  It took place at Coastlands Shoppingtown from 18 to 20 June 2015.

The focus of the Expo was on:

  1. How to take a business from being non digital to becoming connected
  2. New technology that will help older people live at home safely and for longer
  3. Demystifying the benefits of Ultra-fast broadband (UFB) and making it fun and safe for young people, parents and seniors
  4. Showcasing new technologies already working in schools and educational institutions and the different approaches to learning

The Expo featured a three day workshop programme. Day one focused on education content for students and teachers; day two included sessions for SME business; day three was targeted at seniors and community.

There were 20 exhibitor Expo sites set up in the Garden Court of Coastlands Shoppingtown to showcase hands on technology experience for everyone that was to be a fun and informative experience for the wider community. There were trained Digital Ambassadors (selected youth & seniors) to guide visitors around the Expo and to explain the focus of the Expo and implications of UFB at home or in business.

Captured Essence was commissioned to create three video clips that focused on business, education & youth and seniors & community.

Check out the business video now


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