The Kapiti Chamber was delighted with attendance and thanks all 61 who registered at the Smart Marketing for SMEs presentation on 19 August at the Kapiti Sports Turf & Pavilion.  This session was delivered by Helen Down, Marketing Specialist, Founder & Managing Director of Synthesis Marketing, Chartered Marketer, FCIM.

On the Synthesis Marketing web site it says that “people know when Helen is around because they hear her laugh before they see her.  That’s probably a strong reason they engage with her so readily and find her so easy to work with.”  That was certainly the case at the TA5 where she freely informed everyone on the strategic yet practicalities of smart marketing.

Some tips that she provided in summary include:

  1. Take time to think & plan
  2. Implement repeatable systems
  3. Never stop communicating
  4. Focus on loyalty first
  5. Develop word of mouth marketing
  6. Measure everything

Download the full presentation