Kapiti Coast Chamber of Commerce Inc

Minutes – Special General Meeting 2013

Wednesday 20 February 2013 – 5.30pm–5.45pm, Southwards Museum


Mark Ternent (Chair), Stephen Chubb (Deputy Chair), Sheryl Earnshaw (Secretary), Ian Fenwick (Treasurer), Ann Verboeket, Dave Mayo, Helene judge, Iride McCloy, Jane Stevenson, Julie Wintle, Laurie Smaling, Kevin McFadgen, Rob burrows, Rob Klaassen, Roger Pitchforth, Ron Wilkinson, Ross Leggett, Sarah McMurray, Stuart Pritchard, Tracy Nyhan, Wendy Huston.

1. Apologies

Lyn Mayo (for lateness), Chris Turver, Gai Foskett, Gail Mylne, Heather Hutchings, John Yeoman, Lyn Barrow, Nathan Guy, Norrey Simmons, Thomas Thomas,
(Laurie Smaling / Mark Ternent) – Carried.

2. Election of the Following Office Holders

Nominations to the following positions had been received and accepted.

Chair: Mark Ternent (Proposer, Ian Fenwick, Seconder, Stephen Chubb)

Deputy Chair: Jane Stephenson (Proposer, Mark Ternent, Seconder, Stephen Chubb)

Treasurer: Ian Fenwick (Proposer, Mark Ternent, Seconder, Stephen Chubb, Ross Leggett)

Secretary: Sheryl Earnshaw (Proposer, Mark Ternent, Seconder, Stephen Chubb)

Four people elected to the four positions.
(Roger Pitchforth/Julie Wintle) – Carried.

3. Address by Incoming Chairperson

Mark Ternent addressed the meeting saying the Chamber had reached a milestone by moving from a Committee to a Board. The new Board will be appointing other members in line with the newly adopted Constitution. Mark took this opportunity to recognise previous committees. He envisaged there would not be any significant changes and reported that Ainsley and Helene were now working for the Chamber.

4. Personal Liability to board Members

It was raised that Board members carried personal liability and this was going to be an agenda item for the new Board.

5. Vote of Thanks

A proposal for a vote of thanks was raised to recognise Julie Wintle and Stephen Chubb for past service.
(Laurie Smaling/Sarah McMurray) – Carried.

Meeting closed at 5.45pm