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TA5 Business Excellence Lessons

2 February 2016 | Liz Koh


NEWS RELEASE: 1 February 2016

TA5 How IT Adds Business Advantage

20 October 2015 | Helene Judge


TA5 Presentation - How IT Adds Business Advantage, delivered on Wed 14 Oct 2015 by Mark Ternent, business consultant, excellence awards assessor and IT company owner (GTB IT Solutions).

Smart Marketing for SMEs PPT

20 August 2015 | Helene Judge


The Kapiti Chamber was delighted with attendance and thanks all 61 who registered at the Smart Marketing for SMEs presentation on 19 August at the Kapiti Sports Turf & Pavilion.  This session was delivered by Helen Down, Marketing Specialist, Founder & Managing Director of Synthesis Marketing, Chartered Marketer, FCIM.

H&S Business Central TA5 Presentation

10 June 2015 | Helene Judge


Important Health & Safety TA5 presented by Adrienne Pryde, Health & Safety Consultant of Business Central on Wed 10 Jun