Indelible Hosts BA5 29 July 2015


Posted by Helene Judge on 7 August 2015

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The Chamber thanks the team from Indelible who hosted a really fabulous BA5 at Southward Car Museum on Wed 29 Jul, 5.30pm to 7pm - Mark Radley, Dan Brown, Kerry Lianne & CJ Cole.  More than 100 people registered so a great crowd for networking and hearing about Indelible and their line of work - film & video marketing -

Indelible arranged for Jacob Newey of TVNZ to speak on TV advertising - you can download his presentation as he connected the value of considering video and TV as a way of promoting your business.

A good night was had by all and in Indelible words ............... "We're a little bit awesome, and we love every minute of it."  

 Indelible 2


Indelible BA5 29 07 15 b


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