Learning & Development Google Ads 12-06-19


Wed 12 Jun, 2019 - 9:30am

L&D Workshop: Buying New Customers Profitably with Google Ads

Date: Wednesday 12 June
Time: 9.30am to 11.30am
Venue: Coastlands Kapiti Sports Turf & Pavilion | Paraparaumu
Cost: Members $25 – Non members $40

Presented by: Steve Jandrell | CEO & Dave Lemmon | Web Marketing Adviser

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Every day in New Zealand thousands of local businesses use Google Ads to attract new customers profitably.  However, many others have tried and not managed to make it work for them. 

This workshop looks at the key strategies to Google Ads success so businesses can join the ranks of those buying customers profitably from this source.

Topics to be covered in this session include: 

  • Google Ads in a nutshell
  • Search, display and remarketing campaigns
  • Understanding the numbers
  • The importance of quality score
  • Cost per acquisition: How to buy new customers profitably

Once you leave this workshop you will be informed and ready to embark on setting up a new Google Ads campaign, or modifying an existing campaign so you can achieve more new customers profitably.

About the Presenters

Steve Jandrell

CEO of national web marketing company Web Genius.  Steve leads a team of around 50, covering the country from north to south.  Web Genius has helped thousands of Kiwi businesses generate more customers and more repeat business from effective websites, search engine optimisation (SEO), Google Ads and email newsletters.

Web Genius Steve Jandrell 

Dave Lemmon | Web Marketing Adviser (Wellington / Hutt Valley)

A seasoned digital marketing advisor specialist with experience in marketing services & products, designing growth strategies, building brand awareness, and growing business models.  Certified in the full suite of Google advertising products and inbound marketing strategies Dave has a complete understanding of the buyers' journey and customer flow to help create opportunities for his clients.

Web Genius Dave Lemmon  

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