Learning & Development DiSC Profiling 27-02-19


Wed 27 Feb, 2019 - 9:30am

L&D Workshop

DiSC for Better Communication & Driving Better Results in Your Business

Date: Wednesday 27 February
Time: 9.30am to 11.30am
Venue: Coastlands Kapiti Sports Turf & Pavilion | Paraparaumu
Cost: Members $25 – Non members $40

Presented by: Cathy Sheppard & Lisa Addy | BSI People Skills

Are you a business owner in Kapiti?
Wanting a competitive advantage?
Wanting to build or strengthen a successful business here?
Wanting to connect with and learn from others choosing to live and work in Kapiti?
Wanting to build the capability of your people in Kapiti?

Every business, no matter its size, depends on people – you, your staff, your customers.

Your ability to build relationships is the key to success in any business.

Understanding people is the vital first step to unleashing this amazing power.

DiSC provides a simple key to unlock how to get better results from your relationships. Come along to this workshop and find out more about DiSC and how to use this tool as a platform to anchor the future of your business.  The cost to attend this workshop does not include the production of a DiSC profile.

SPECIAL WORKSHOP DEAL – Attend this DiSC workshop and be eligible to have a DiSC profile done post workshop or follow-up with BSI People Skills on how to use DiSC in your organisation.

DISC is a behavioural assessment tool. A DISC profile is created from the answers to a straightforward questionnaire. Those answers are then interpreted to measure four core personality factors: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Conscientiousness – DiSC.

DiSC unlocks the tools so you can get better results with every person in your life. It will help you to gain insight into your own strengths and weaknesses and that of others, so you can develop the skills that differentiate your business from others within the same industry.

BSI People Skills deliver top class training, building and strengthening individuals and teams, for your people, right here on the Kapiti Coast, and, they are a Key Partner of the Kapiti Chamber. They understand how DiSC can be the most effective tool for understanding communication and developing relationships – at work, at play, and at home.

About the Presenters

Cathy Sheppard | Founder & Top Trainer | BSI People Skills Ltd
B.A., DipTchg(Sec), GradDipTchg(ECE), PCDipEC&AEd
Certified Trainer Everything DiSC
Accredited Facilitator 5 Behaviors of a Cohesive Team
Accredited Group Leader Incredible Years Teacher Program

Cathy Sheppard 

International trainer, facilitator and speaker specialising in empowering leaders and teams. With 30 years’ experience in education, training and development (across 4 countries), Cathy is passionate about business transformation – she is authentic, compassionate and results focused with a passion for developing people.

As an expert in Everything DiSC and how to access its power in teams and individuals, Cathy works with people from all different industries and backgrounds. She works with businesses to build people’s skills and confidence, empowering them to get significantly better results from individuals and teams, for the business as a whole.

Lisa Addy | Consultant/Facilitator | BSI People Skills Ltd
Certified Trainer Everything DiSC
Accredited Facilitator 5 Behaviors of a Cohesive Team
Accredited Group Leader Incredible Years Teacher Program

Lisa Addy 

Lisa is a family person who values Kindness, Compassion and Empathy. She feels very privileged to have a great supportive partner and three healthy happy children.

An international trainer as well, with over 17 years’ experience in education, training and development (across 4 countries). Lisa realises everyone has the ability for greatness as long as they are empowered and supported by the people around them. Her biggest joy is seeing growth and development in the people she works with. Lisa looks forward to using the skills and experience she has gained around relationship building and conflict resolution, to help your teams and businesses grow and reach their true potential.

The Kāpiti Chamber runs a Learning & Development Programme (L&D) that is planned and run by an Events Committee on behalf of the Chamber Board. The focus of the programme is on professional development for business owners and their staff and/or in response to a topical or significant areas of development for business ie law changes or informational updates etc.  Learning and development aims to improve group and individual performance by increasing and honing skills and knowledge.

To be noticed and remembered, networking is important for all businesses.

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