Learning & Development Are you under insured 20-08-19


Tue 20 Aug, 2019 - 9:30am


L&D Workshop: Are you too busy sailing into the wind to keep ahead, and not thinking about what could hit you from the side or beneath?

Date: Tuesday 20 August
Time: 9.30am to 11.30am
Venue: Kāpiti Sports Turf & Pavilion, Paraparaumu
Cost: Members $25 – Non members $40

Presenters: Tracey Jones & Cecilia Farrow

Are you under insured – many businesses are!

Most businesses are under insured and holding back on insurance can be tempting when money’s tight. Yet managing your risks could mean the difference between going under and thriving.  By nature, business owners are positive, ‘glass half full’ types, who’s entrepreneurial spirit may lead them to think ‘she’ll be right’.  But successful businesses run according to a business plan, and part of that planning is to plan for the unexpected.

Just imagine switching off your phone, jumping on a plane and flying far away without a word to anyone. How many of you are confident that your business will continue to run profitably without any further instruction or input from YOU?

This unexpected departure can happen to anyone of us at any time – is your business prepared?

This workshop will cover important questions, like:

Why it’s important for business owners to plan to manage risks?

How do you prioritise risks and decide what risks to insure?

How do you create options for your business to continue in the short to medium term if you can’t work?

How do you plan for the worst-case situations to ensure your wealth and assets are protected from creditors, even if you have to shut the business down?

How do you set up the optimal structure to protect the income you generate and what is the role of ACC and Income Protection in your plan?

Who should attend this workshop? Small or medium sized business owners or professional advisers.

Who should attend this workshop? Small or medium sized business owners or professional advisers.

Tracey Jones Insurance Excellence is focused on helping people make the best decisions to manage their risks. She will provide clarity and certainty and importantly, be there at claim time.

About Tracey Jones

Director | Tracey Jones Insurance Excellence
Kāpiti Chamber Key Partner

Tracey Jones a

ACC and business risk planning are a specialised field. Tracey is one of the few advisers nationwide who is experienced and qualified to work with self-employed, contractors, business owners and ACC, since 2005. She was the winner of the 2017 Professional Advisers Association Judges Award for Insurance Excellence. “The experience of insurance should provide you with certainty that you have received great advice and you have a financial advisor alongside you that you trust.”

After 17 years in the industry, the most frustrating thing about my work is that I constantly see insurance set up incorrectly. It’s either outdated, overpriced, the products are not the best, or, it will no longer work at claim time because it hasn’t been reviewed and the person’s situation has changed. Most people are unfamiliar with their own insurance policies and do not have a comprehensive clear approach, or an adviser who takes time to explain it all.

I’m on a crusade to change this ..… It’s time to feel good about insurance!

A Disclosure Statement for Tracey Jones is available free of charge upon request.

About Cecilia Farrow

Managing Director | TripleJump

Tracey Jones Cecilia Farrow

Cecilia is a recognised industry leader and published writer on business risk for private companies. She has presented at numerous conferences for accountants and lawyers on business risk in private enterprise. During her 20 years in the life risk sector she has specialised in developing advice models for Business Risk.

Cecilia is a highly respected training facilitator bringing together her practical experience in the field and her prior background in industrial psychology. She was recently appointed to the board of Financial Advice New Zealand, New Zealand’s largest professional body for the advisers in the financial services sector.

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