Learning & Development 06-05-19 Smart Start


Mon 6 May, 2019 - 9:30am



Date: Monday 6 May
Time: 9.30am to 11.30am
Venue: Coastlands Kapiti Sports Turf & Pavilion | Paraparaumu
Cost: Members $25 – Non members $40

Limited to 25 spaces so book early (To get maximum benefit from this workshop, we recommend you bring along your laptop or smartphone as you’ll be working online for some of the time)

Presented by: Laurie Wilson | Learn Fast Solutions

Serious about innovating? Planning a new business?

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Coming up with an innovative idea and going into business for yourself is an exciting prospect, although it is also a time to carefully consider what lies ahead.

It takes a lot of patience and endeavour to establish a business. Your competition heats up, the market environment changes and family & friends have already bought from you. You’ll have to start selling to strangers, perhaps innovate your offering, invest more in marketing and pay the taxman.

So, it’s important to determine the viability of your idea before getting too involved in the details – and spending money. That’s why we have developed the Smart-Start Workshop.

An informative, practical and straight-talking workshop designed to help you to gauge the potential of your business and give you the confidence to push on. You’ll get to challenge our business specialists and use our Success Test. A simple, yet clever online tool that will help plan your ideal sales targets and determine how much money you need to make.

This workshop will cover:

  • What it takes to build a business
  • How to evaluate the potential of your idea
  • How best to price your product or service
  • Setting a realistic sales target
  • Estimating revenue, expenses, margins, profit and your income

Once you’ve completed this workshop, you’ll know if you’re on the right track or not. If your idea looks viable, you’re ready for our Smart-Start Immersion Series. A four-part programme of high energy and inter-active workshops designed to challenge and shape your thinking and ensure your business starts-smart. Details will be provided during the workshop.

Your Smart Start Facilitator

The workshop will be facilitated by Laurie Wilson of Learn Fast Solutions. Laurie is a highly creative and passionate business professional with considerable experience with the design and delivery of training programmes for businesses and individuals.

Laurie Wilson 

Laurie has consulted and trained 100’s of start-up businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs over the past 14 years, for organisations such as NZTE, MSD, Hutt City Council, Whitireia Polytechnic and various Chambers of Commerce. He is recognised as an accomplished trainer and facilitator, able to quickly engage and positively motivate an audience.

Prior to training and coaching businesses, Laurie enjoyed a very successful management career in the advertising industry working for some of the world’s largest advertising and research agencies in the UK, Asia and New Zealand. This experience provided Laurie with strong strategic and creative skills which he uses to help inspire his clients to develop their businesses.

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