Making Health and Safety Fun

“How long will this training take?” is one of the most commonly asked questions that Martin Laurs, Business Central Health and Safety (H&S) Trainer, is asked. People seem to think a health and safety course is another word for torture – however Martin’s pupils are pleasantly surprised to find his presentations quite engaging!

Tonight Martin will be speaking at the Kapiti Coast Chamber of Commerce’s Training After 5 – and if you haven’t already registered – you better get in quick, registrations are open until 5.30pm tonight!

Who Should come:

  • If you have a small to medium businesses. 
  • If you are interested in the key legal, financial and moral drivers of their health and safety system. 
  • If you want to network with other local businesses.

One of Martin’s teaching cliches is that the old act used to identify a “hammer” as a hazard – the new act asks everyone to look at the “hand holding the hammer”, and how frequently that hand could cause harm. In other words the new legislation encourages a far more behavioural approach.

Martin says the best thing you can do to promote a safe culture in your workplace is to catch employees/colleagues when they are doing something good, and compliment them don’t tell them off or blame them.

Find out more tonight!

About Martin

Martin Laurs Business Central

Martin began his health and safety career as a business consultant and trainer with ACC. His brief was to help “at-risk” industry sectors eg meat processing, forestry, wood processing, supermarkets and hospitals – build their health and safety capability specifically in terms of the ACC Workplace Safety Management Practices (WSMP) programme and the ACC Partnership Plan. His clients varied from NZ’s largest corporations through to small family businesses.

Martin particularly enjoys learning about individual business needs and how health and safety can become an integral part of, “how we do things here” and even add value to your bottom-line.
Martin has also worked as a practitioner for labour hire businesses, Meridian Energy and several Government departments setting up health and safety systems and undertaking independent audits to tertiary level.

Martin enjoys training and working closely with both management and employee representatives to make sure your approach to health and safety, health reforms and a drive for continuous improvement is compliant, sustainable and ultimately both morally and financially rewarding!