Aura RedShield Security (previously Aura RedEye Security), an Otaki-based cyber-security company, makes Kapiti proud at Thursday night’s prestigious Wellington Gold Awards.

Winner of The Wellington Gold Award’s Cyber Gold category, Aura RedShield provides world-leading Cyber Security software and services, delivering an innovative and scalable software product on the global market.

Andy Prow Gold Awards 2015

Aura RedShield founder, Andy Prow says:

“It’s been a long journey since having just a handful of us sitting in our Otaki Gorge office. I love that the Kapiti and Wellington region has such a wealth of smart, driven people, who have a genuine desire and enthusiasm to do epic things. For us that epic thing is shielding the world’s vulnerable websites from attack. I think eventually it was the amount of private-data we protect and losses we prevent that won us the award. I was very proud that we won, there was some stiff competition.”

The Wellington Gold awards, in association with The Dominion Post celebrate the excellence and enterprise of business in the Wellington Region. Since established in 1999, they have grown in size and stature, attracting an audience of over 800 on Thursday night.

Kapiti Chamber of Commerce Chair, Liz Koh says this platform is an opportunity to showcase local talent and needs further support and participation.

“We have many strong businesses in our region that we could showcase on a grander scale. Our local council should be supporting these awards – as the other councils in the region are currently doing – to encourage more entrants from Kapiti. It was a proud feeling to see a Kapiti-founded business on that stage, I hope there will be more to follow.”

Aura was the winner of the Premier Electra Business of the Year Award first in 2010 with their consulting company Aura Information Security, and then again in 2013 with their grounding-breaking cyber-security software spin-off Aura RedEye.

Andy Prow says: “both our consulting team and RedEye software existed primarily to find security holes. The next evolution for us is RedShield which provides world-leading defence to plug those holes”.

Aura has doubled its size to over 40 employees over the past three years, but its “global HQ” still remains in the Otaki Gorge, or “Silicon Gorge” as Andy likes to call it.

Aura’s largest office is now in Wellington, with staff Auckland, Melbourne, and with a move into the US and the UK, they aim to cement their place as a key niche player in the international web-application security market.


For more information please contact:

Liz Koh | Chair, Kapiti Chamber of Commerce| 021 313 339 | [email protected]

Andy Prow | CEO Aura RedEye | 04 894 3755 | [email protected]

Hannah Delaney | DelaneyPR |027 636 0010 | [email protected]