We are incredibly disappointed Air New Zealand is stopping its flights from Paraparaumu to Auckland after 3 April 2018, particularly given the growth Kapiti is experiencing.

Since the news was announced on Friday, we’ve been inundated with your feedback. There are a lot of people who feel very let down by Air New Zealand’s decision and rightly so.

We consider our daily connection with Auckland critical infrastructure for the Kapiti Coast and surrounding regions. Unless another airline puts its hand up to take over the route, losing the flights will impact our growth and will cost Kapiti through missed business opportunities and the additional cost and time it takes to travel to either Wellington or Palmerston North. These extra costs will either need to be absorbed by businesses or potentially made up through price increases.

The Kāpiti Coast Chamber of Commerce is working with Mayor Guru, Hon Nathan Guy as well as other stakeholders (including Government Ministers) to support the work to attract another airline to fly from Kapiti. An essential part of this is communicating exactly how cutting the services will directly affect you – we’ve heard lots of anecdotal stories over the weekend but want to clearly illustrate to decision-makers how this will impact the community.

We’d love to hear from you – tell us how Air New Zealand cutting its services will affect you and your business. Email [email protected]