Funding Available – consider applying!

There is still almost $2 million of funding available to businesses in the Greater Wellington region.. and it’s highly likely you and your biz qualify… 

  • The fund is specifically designed to connect businesses with providers of strategic advice – $5000 is a considerable amount for this
  • You will receive a voucher for the funding but you have 6 months in which to use it
  • Funding is open to existing businesses from sole traders to employers of up to 99 FTEs
  • All you need to apply is your GST and New Zealand Business Number ( – <do you know you can apply for GST if you expect to earn above the threshold but don’t yet?>
  • Many businesses are receiving their funding voucher within 72 hours
  • The acceptance criteria is very broad and there is no requirement to report back on results
  • Tourism providers can apply to both the main fund AND the tourism funds – making up to $10,000 available to them

The process is simple:

  1. Register with the Regional Business Partner Network here:
  2. You will receive an email with a link provide a bit more detailed information and to book a call with a WellingtonNZ team member
  3. The WellingtonNZ team will match you with the best provider in Kāpiti for your business needs. Click here for a list of Kāpiti service providers.

The recommendation is to think longer term. In 6 months’ time we will be heading into winter and it will look very different to the same time last year. Apply and start the process – if you don’t use it you haven’t lost anything.

Examples of types of activities that have been funded:

  • Marketing strategy advice
  • How to pivot your business
  • Business health – what is working well and what could be improved or is being missed
  • Cash flow forecasting and financial advice
  • Digital strategies – how to best use them for your business
  • HR planning in the short term and longer term
  • Contingency planning – what to do if we lock down again
  • Health and wellbeing of staff

More information can be found here: