The Kāpiti Chamber runs a Learning & Development programme (L&D) that is planned and run by an events committee on behalf of the Chamber Board.  

The focus of the programme is on professional development for business owners and their staff, often in response to topical or significant areas of development for business.

Chamber’s L&D sessions aim to improve group and individual performance by increasing and honing skills and knowledge. It’s an important part of managing the people and talent in your business and is designed to align group and individual goals and performance with the company’s overall vision and goals. Win-Win!

At a practical level, individuals need to identify skill gaps, usually through discussion and performance appraisals.  Once the gaps are known, you can then go about finding suitable training to upskill and then apply within the business.

L&D has been designed to help local business owners by: 

  1. Promoting and marketing business
  2. Enhancing business skills and knowledge
  3. Helping to improve your systems and processes
  4. Identifying opportunities to be a good employer and providing a safe environment for staff and customers
  5. Providing an opportunity to network and learn with like-minded people
  6. Using specialist/expert guest presenters
  7. Tapping into support, knowledge and experience to help grow business

Expert Presenters/Speakers

We source expert presenters and speakers for our L&D sessions to deliver the best possible content to attendees.

Programme Costs

Most sessions require an attendance fee to to cover costs, which varies depending on whether you are a Chamber Member or not. For some sessions, Members can attend for free.  Costs are kept as low as possible with a focus on informing, updating and networking business owners and their staff.

(All paying events will operate a full refund seven days before any event and no refund thereafter with substitutions welcomed.  No shows will be invoiced if a fee is required yet not paid for some reason.)

L&D Exhibitor Opportunities

There are opportunities for any business to have an exhibitor or promotional site at any L&D event. Any exhibitor needs to align with the topic or message being delivered by the presenter/speaker. The cost for a site is $50 + GST.  To find out more about having an Exhibitor Site at any L&D event, please email – [email protected]

Presenter/Speaker Expression of Interest

We welcome enquiries from potential speakers and presenters wishing to be part of the Kapiti Chamber L&D programme. Please email – [email protected] with your proposal and professional bio outlining:

  • Business name and profile
  • What subjects/content are on offer
  • Snapshot of previous training and audiences
  • LinkedIn, Facebook and website details
  • Referees from previous training sessions
  • Any fee expectation, noting the Kapiti Chamber usually operates on the basis of presenters giving their time in return for brand promotion and a list of attendees being provided at the conclusion of the event.

The Training Events Sub-committee will work through any proposal using the following selection criteria:

  1. Be a fully paid Chamber Member or member of another professional body
  2. Be clear on keynote vs workshop and any fee requirement
  3. Referee-checked by Chamber Events Committee with questions including:
  • Presented keynote or workshop?
  • How many people did they present to?
  • Topic and purpose?
  • What was the level of engagement or buzz in the room?
  • Would they use the presenter again?
  • Evaluation summaries if available.

4. Final approval by the Kapiti Chamber Board on recommendation from the Events Committee

If you have any Learning & Development ideas or simply want to know more about the programme, email – [email protected].

To be noticed and remembered, networking is important for all businesses!