Kāpiti, Thursday 28 September 2017 – Kāpiti and Porirua Chambers of Commerce have begun
engaging with Air New Zealand to promote flights from Paraparaumu to Auckland, to drive demand
for the local air service.

The Kāpiti and Porirua Chambers of Commerce are working together for the first time, in response
to Air New Zealand’s challenge issued by Regional Affairs Manager Ian Collier for Kāpiti to create a
compelling narrative they can promote on behalf of the region.
Kāpiti Chamber of Commerce Chair Heather Hutchings says the opportunity is too important to let it
slip past.
“Kāpiti Airport and the flights to Auckland are critical infrastructure. We need more people using the
service. In the absence of a strategy or plan from the wider community, we have decided to start
work immediately to encourage local businesses to capitalise on the convenience of flying from
“This includes targeting business people from Kāpiti and Porirua. Both areas have unprecedented
opportunities for growth, and we will be even closer once Transmission Gully is completed.
“Air New Zealand has been extraordinarily clear it will market what the community puts forward. It
makes sense for us to begin with business travellers who form the majority of travellers each day,”
says Heather Hutchings. 

Acting Executive Director of Porirua Chamber Commerce Chair, Nick Leggett, says there is a
significant business community that would benefit flying from Kāpiti.
“Porirua has the third-highest household income in New Zealand, with a high volume of business
travellers commuting each day to Wellington Airport.
“Travelling to Kāpiti goes against traffic, and will be an even faster drive once Transmission Gully is
completed. People can be at Paraparaumu in half the time, and park for a fraction of the cost” says
Nick Leggett. 

Air New Zealand Regional Affairs Manager Ian Collier is welcoming the Chamber’s joint campaign.
“It’s great to see the Kāpiti and Porirua Chambers of Commerce working together and embracing
the challenge to drive demand for flights between Kāpiti and Auckland”.

For more information, please contact:
Jacinda Thorn, Public Relations | 027 3970616 | [email protected]
Heather Hutchings, Kāpiti Chamber Chair | 021 0696 143 | [email protected]
Nick Leggett, Porirua Chamber Acting Executive Director | 021 248 2175 | [email protected]