The Kapiti Chamber is a key partner in Youth Pathways to Employment.

2017 -  The Kāpiti Chamber launches the joint initiative together with The Kāpiti Coast District Council and the Youth Employment Strategy Group.

A not-for-profit initiative to help 16-25 year olds to gain the skills required to secure local employment has been launched on the Kāpiti Coast.

Work Ready Kāpiti, a joint initiative between The Kāpiti Coast Chamber of Commerce, The Kāpiti Coast District Council and The Youth Employment Strategy Group, have brought together a range of experience and expertise to help build meaningful relationships between youth and local employers.

Work Ready Kāpiti has launched “Work Ready Passport Workbook” where youth keep a record of a number of key skills needed to gain employment. This includes relevant work experience, academic achievements, understanding of health and safety, their ability to look after themselves and whether they hold a driver’s license of have a bank account.

Work Ready Kāpiti has already started attracting big employers of Kāpiti youth to participate in the initiative. Goodmans, Pak ‘n’ Save, and Jomp Hairdressing, are featured on the Work Ready Kāpiti website to help show the range of careers available right here in Kāpiti>>



Since inception, the key principles behind this project have been developed to include:

  • Local solutions for local issues
  • Employment is the ultimate goal for all young people
  • Stocktake of community resources
  • Transitional support and pastoral care for school leavers
  • Post-secondary training (education) focus on work readiness and skills that employers recognise and value
  • Support for employers of youth and young employees
  • The Community values our young people and celebrate their achievements

Over time there has been significant progress to-date on this project, including:

  • Stakeholder forums held with Dale Williams – Mayor of Otorohanga
  • Youth Pathways to Employment steering and networking groups
  • Business stocktakes
  • Business forum for respondents to the survey
  • Youth Employment Action group set-up
  • STEM group set-up (Science, Technology and Engineering & Maths)
  • Careers for the Future Expo held at the Clean Technology and Innovation Hub
  • UCOL running Level 2 & 4 courses at the Clean Technology and Innovation Hub 



Download the Business Stock-take Report


An action plan for 2014/15 was developed for the project, including:

  • Linking with Economic Development
  • Working with key stakeholders, promoting networking and collaboration between educators, business/employers and young people in Kapiti
  • Identifying the gaps in services
  • Developing Youth Employment Broker role complimenting work of existing services
  • Developing a central information hub for businesses with jobs for young people and young people wanting employment
  • Developing a mentoring programme
  • Developing links with Nga Kakano project around employment
  • Linking with Youth Action Plan


Check out this Youtube clip of the recent Careers for the Future Expo