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Are you looking for help with your business?  Not sure where to turn too?  Perhaps you are after funding, advice for growth or are even at the initial stages of starting your own business.


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Skills-Matching for Employers

Looking for talent? The Chamber can recommend suitable candidates for your business. Free for employers. 


Working with a pool of over 250 skilled job seekers, our regional skills-matching service aims to connect you with the skilled talent you need to run and grow your business.

Delivered by the Wellington Region Chambers of Commerce and shared to Kāpiti Chamber of Commerce, our skills-matching service is free for employers and is a great opportunity to tap into the skills you need to run and grow your business, diversify your team, and gain a competitive advantage.

We work with a wide range of professionals with backgrounds that include;

•            IT

•            Engineering

•            Finance

•            Legal

•            Management

•            Administration & Customer Service 

How does it work?

We act as the link between employers seeking skilled talent and skilled newcomers looking to apply their skills and experience.

As an employer, you can access our pool of over 250 candidates simply by getting in touch with us. Where available, we will send through a selection of candidates with skills and experience matching your needs.

We can also keep you up to date with new candidates joining the programme who possess skills you are regularly on the look-out for.

We want to make sure we are sending through the right candidates for your business and so we are happy to come and have a discussion with you about what you look for when taking on new team members and understand how your business operates. 

How can I access this service?

You can use the service in several different ways to suit your needs:

•            If you’re looking to fill a role right now or have a role coming up, get in touch and tell us what you’re looking for. Where available we will have a selection of candidates to you within three business days. 

•            If you’re constantly on the hunt for candidates with specific skills, let us know what you’re looking for and whenever a candidate with those skills comes through, we will send you a copy of their profile to look at. Every month we register approximately 25 new skilled job seekers.

 •            If you want to stay up-to-date with the latest skilled candidates registering with us, you can sign up to receive our monthly Candidate Profiles email which profiles new skilled candidates ready for work across the region. 

Get in touch

If you would like to learn more about our skills-matching service or catch up to discuss it in greater detail, please get in touch. You can contact James Sauaga on 04 470 9940 or email james.sauaga@wecc.org.nz. 

Are you a skilled job seeker?

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WellingtonBusiness.help is an online tool for business owners in the Wellington region.  The tool helps owners navigate and take advantage of the regional business support network, on each step of their growth journey.

Topics include registering a new company, market testing, preparing for export, protecting intellectual property, research and development funding, and legal advice.

Created by Grow Wellington, a unit of the Wellington Regional Economic Development Agency (WREDA), WellingtonBusiness.help connects businesses to the regional support ecosystem including Creative HQ, Grow Wellington and the regional Chambers of Commerce.

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Confidential, personalised, independent, skilled business mentoring for New Zealand business owners.

Apply for a Business Mentor

Get help from an experienced businessperson who can offer guidance, act as a sounding board, challenge your thinking and provide you with an independent and fresh perspective.  Business Mentors New Zealand can match you with a volunteer Business Mentor for up to 12-months.  Find out more information by clicking the link below or call the Wellington Agency on 04 470 9940.  Apply now

Become a Business Mentor

Starting and running a business is all about making decisions, and some insight from someone who’s ‘been there and done that’ can make all the difference.  Become a volunteer Business Mentor with Business Mentors New Zealand and help support those starting, growing, and trying to manage their own business.  Become a Mentor